Welcome to my little corner of the world.

As we become a little more acquainted, you will find that I have many interests and am a collector of various things.  I’m not a hoarder, because I’m very organized and when things I collect have homes of their own, we are all very happy.  One of these days I will own more than one clear tote.  It’s a dream I have in case I ever become wealthy.

Here are a few of my favorite things…          Here is what I’m not…

Jesus                                                                    Perfect

Cats and other animals                                    Athletic

Drawing and painting                                      Bully/cruelty tolerant

Writing                                                                Musically inclined

Cooking                                                              Clutter phobic

White wicker and cotton lace                         Politically correct

I love to write.  It’s cathartic for me.  I’ve been accused of being overly analytical.  I call it trying to think things through and considering every angle.  So, writing for me is a fun way to get things out of my head so I can sleep at night!  I enjoy a great discussion, but I refuse to debate or argue with anyone.  Life is too short to fight and bicker.  So, I won’t.  Just sayin’.

I’m going to grab a fresh iced lemonade, curl up with my cat, and enjoy the peace in my life.

Be still with rose

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