Well, hello there!  Thanks for coming to see me.

My name is Roni.  It’s a substitutionary name for Rhonda.  Rhonda Rae, actually.  I think my parents really wanted a boy, but the chromosomal factor didn’t work out in their favor.  I decided that the name Roni worked just fine for me because I really grew to hate that horrid rebound song by the Beach Boys.  If I ever hear someone sing “Help me, Rhonda” one more time…

I live a contented life with my 12-year old Maine Coon cat named Sammie.  The prime of my life came and went a very long time ago.  If animal years are about 7 times human years, that makes Sammie 20 years older than me.  You do the math, I’m too tired.  So here we are… two old girls, Sammie and I, satisfied with the simple things in life and grateful for every new day.

I’ve always dreamed of owning a one-room cabin in the woods…no, make that two rooms.  I rather enjoy having an indoor bathroom.  As it stands, I currently live in a much-too-large mobile home in the woods.  I guess that’s close enough.  I cherish the daily visits of a young doe and buck, siblings, who dine on the grape leaves, apples, and periwinkle that surround my house.  For some reason, they don’t particularly like the figs.  But that’s okay.  I love figs and there’s really just enough for me!  I’ve heard that there are mountain lions, bobcats, and bears in the neighborhood, but I’ve never seen them.  That’s okay, too!  I wake up every morning to the sound of a multitude of birds, none of which I can identify, but their songs remind me of the simplicity of life and how God provides for every need.  Theirs and mine.

I miss my family.  My daughters and their families live two and three states away.  I am so thankful for Facebook and texting.  I never thought I’d ever say that, but it’s true.  It’s my only real link to them.  No one really writes letters any more, unless it’s an email (and even those have become extremely rare) or a comment on a social media site that we can no longer live without.  I’ve watched my grandchildren grow from babies to adults thanks to the internet and Facebook.  No one uses cameras with film that requires developing anymore.  At least, not in my family.  I cherish every photo, video, and selfie my kids post!  I’ll take what I can get.

I love the Lord my God, Jesus Christ, with every ounce of my being.  I try to live my life in a way that would please Him and I trust Him to sustain me.  For the last 34 years, since the day I finally said, “Yes, Lord,” He has done that and so much more; even in all my failings.  I look forward to meeting Him face to face.  That probably sounds weird, but it’s true.  I am in the winter of my life, and that sounds really weird to me.  My brain is convinced I’m still 30.  My aches, pains, creaks, groans, and Medicare card remind me of the truth.  Today I spent five hours visiting with a young woman (she’s 24) who came to see me at my much-too-large mobile home in the woods.  I felt young and refreshed while she was here.  We talked about everything.  We laughed.  We cried.  We dreamed a little.  When she left and I was closing up my house for the night, it suddenly occurred to me that I am 40 years older than she is.  FORTY YEARS.  I’m really having trouble grasping that.  After pondering the depth of that realization, I think I choose to focus on the young and refreshed part and proceed from there.

I’m so glad you stopped by and I hope you’ll come back again.  Next time, maybe I’ll make some iced tea or lemonade… or maybe a really great green smoothie and we’ll share stories.  It’ll be nice to see you again.


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  1. Hello, Roni. You are my first blogging 201 contact. I expect to read you often. We share a bond with Jesus. My blog is named ‘sweet aroma,’ a name selected because of 2 Cor 2:15 which says our live are like a sweet fragrance rising up to him. You are feeling old? I seem to have twenty years on you; the good news is that even at 81, I only remember my age when I see it on paper. I experienced an awesome healing two years ago. Perhaps you would like to read my account of that in “Why Me, Lord.” http://onetahayes.com/about/why-me-lord/ I will be looking for more from you.

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    1. Hi, Oneta! You have injected that first dose of encouragement that I need. Thank you so much. I am seriously bumbling my way around all of this. Someone commented that they get an error message when they click on my address. First, and probably biggest mistake so far! I will definitely take the time to read your article, “Why Me, Lord.” At our ages, I think we might have much to share and hopefully encourage others. I am so excited!

      In His Service,


  2. Hi Roni, glad you stopped by and thanks for the follow.

    I myself don’t get all the fuss about texting and facebooking, remember how much time we used to spend talking on the phone? …and telling our kids to hush. My kids are adults now but I’m paying attention to them, or whoever is in front of me, and making whoever is on the phone wait until I return their text. Plus I have family that used to be estranged and texting and facebooking is the only way we communicate. If it weren’t for that we’d be estranged on good terms. (I think) So I’m pretty happy for the tech.

    If you are having trouble grasping on to being old, go with it. Besides these days 90 is old.

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  3. Roni, I can’t find the proper place to answer your question about the Versatile Blogger Award, so I’ll just post the info here.
    Let me make some observations about “awards” given by bloggers. There is not a concrete award to be passed around or anything like that. It is a positive gesture made by someone who enjoys one’s posts, and, as such, I do appreciate them. I see them as a means of “advertizing” one’s blog because each nominee who accepts your offer/award mentions you in their nominations. It is somewhat like a round robin letter. This particular one, The Versatile Blogger,” asks for fifteen new nominations. That is a lot. I’ve seen them for as few as three, but 7-10 is likely. Many established bloggers do not accept the nominations because they are quite time-consuming. However, I do need the exposure and I like the challenging of giving tid-bits about myself. My nomination came from https://gunroswell.wordpress.com/category/awards-2/ I made a mistake when I blogged the Versatile Award post and did not use the right URL in thanking her. Just learning and trying to correct mistakes as fast as I make them!
    The Rules:
    1. Thank the person who nominated you.
    2. Include a link to their blog.
    3. Pick 15 bloggers/blogs that you have recently discovered or regularly follow.
    4. Nominate them for Versatile Blogger Award.
    5. Share 7 facts about yourself.
    Make your nominations.

    Hope this is helpful to you.


    1. I’ve been prepping for a surgery that didn’t happen at the last minute and looking for a job that pays a few bucks. All this volunteer stuff doesn’t pay the bills. Just when people my age are retiring, I’m looking to go back to work. Scary. Plus, even with all the awesome prompts, I’m struggling with a bit of writer’s block. I enrolled in the 101 class, but I’m ashamed to say I’ve not been a stellar student! I’m still reading the posts everyone else is writing, though!


      1. Thanks for contact, Roni. Sounds like you do have many things to focus on at this time. And blogging has to fit in with other priorities. You might write a post on the angst of planning surgery and it not occurring. I would be interested but maybe that is too personal. I’m sure there would be a lot of good lessons about learning to trust in Jesus in brand new ways. Your testimony of love for Him and your ability to write in an interesting way is special. Be blessed with peace! And a paying job!

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  4. Hi, Roni. I haven’t seen you for a while so I’m dropping in to see if you are being active And also to wish you a wonderful new year coming up. If you are still checking blogs, drop in to leave me a hi.


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