Scratch That!

Hello!  Welcome to my blog, “Writing on the Wall”  (formerly It Has Occurred to Me).

I guess it’s time to reintroduce myself.  I am the same person with the same quirks and idiosyncrasies, just a different look and a different name.  I’ve never done this blogging thing before, and I’ve already said how much I love to write.  When I signed up for this thing, I was supposed to come up with a Name for my blog.  Well, my given name and all its creative derivatives had already been claimed.  So I came up with It Has Occurred to Me, thinking it was clever and revealing.  Well, it’s neither.  Fortunately, my blog Name isn’t etched in stone like it is on my driver’s license or Social Security card.  I guess my “email contact address” for this blog will remain  Oh, well.  You can’t have everything.

I like my new name better.  It probably doesn’t fully demonstrate my brand and I’m still driving myself crazy trying to perfect the visual appeal and setup of my site so I can get on with the business of writing.  I’d love to know if there’s something that you absolutely love about my site and what really bugs you.  It all matters to me.

Still working on it….


Always in His service


3 thoughts on “Scratch That!

  1. Roni, I liked It Had…. name just fine. But Writing on the Wall is also quite an “open ended” name. I like both because they allow you to go with any subject you would like. A one-issue blog would be hard for me to handle but there are some who do it quite well. I’ll follow anything you settle for. Just keep me informed.


  2. Hi, Retired Nomad (I don’t know how to address you {blush}). Visiting other blogs has definitely inspired the changes I made to my site. I’m a little slow, and much to persnickety, about how things work and how things look. At this point, I’m a little worried about giving credit to whomever the photos belong to. I’ve noticed on other blogs photo credits are given and I understand why. But on some of the photos I’ve found I don’t see who they belong to. Know what I mean? I’m not a fan of plagiarism or thievery, so I would like to avoid that at all cost! Thanks for your comment. By the way, you are on my To Do List to read your piece about your golfing experience. Thanks again!


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